Rigid borescopes are optical inspection tools that consist of a metal tube equipped with a lens at one end. They were invented long before fiberscopes and videoscopes, and they still maintain their place as much sought after devices.
The newer generation of rigid borescopes has a number of technical add-ons that greatly enhance their basic functions. They include swivel land side view lenses, built-in video chip and an external LCD monitor. The external control unit allows to take still photos of your inspection or record video clips, as well as store, edit and share the captured files.
Rigid borescopes are particularly suitable in environments where the insertion tube must possess rigidity in order to successfully navigate passages or cavities. This includes applications such as gun barrel inspection and maintenance, cylinder and valve inspection through the spark hole, and welding quality control, to name just a few. If you believe you could benefit from using a rigid borescope, please do not hesitate to let us know your requirements. We will gladly discuss them with you in order to determine which rigid borescope would be the best option for you.
Rigid Borescope with Camera and Monitor
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