Fiber optic borescopes, popularly known as fiberscopes, are a traditional type of device still used in many industries in Canada. Usually a fiberscope consists of the following three parts: an optical fiber bundle, through which the image is transmitted, a light guide and finally, fiberscopes have an eyepiece with a lens.
The current technology allows to produce an inspection tool with a very thin insertion probe, because the fibers are extremely narrow. Due to this advantage, micro fiberscopes can be used in certain applications where videoscopes or rigid optical borescopes prove to be too thick to enter the passage or cavity. The insertion tube diameter on micro-borescopes may be as small as 0.35 mm (0.013''). This is why there is still considerable demand for small diameter micro fiberscopes in a number of industries.
In order to visualize the inspection conducted with a fiberscope on a larger screen, or to capture files, you can use an external camera. We offer a variety of video cameras to enhance the inspection experience with a micro fiberscope.
We invite you to discuss your inspection tool requirements with us and we will be happy to suggest a product that best suits your needs.
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