Rigid Borescopes
Rigid Borescopes are usually optical devices consisting of a rigid tube containing objective lens on distal end, and rod lens optic to transfer image to an eyepiece. The rod lens system is surrounded by optical fibers used for illumination by external light source. Regular borescopes can be used with an optional borescope camera to capture a picture. Presently digital video borescopes become more and more popular. They use a built-in camera chip to capture and translate image of inspecting area.
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Industrial Videoscopes
Videoscopes are digital borescopes with a micro camera chip at the distal end. During an inspection, the image is transferred to an LCD monitor, or computer and can be also captured and saved as a snapshot or video file. Illumination provided by built-in LEDs or external light source. Videoscopes' most important parameters are diameter, length, and articulation ability of insertion probe; camera resolution and image quality; additional features, including image/video capture, zooming, measuring, etc.
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Micro Fiberscopes
Fiberscopes are flexible borescopes that contain a bundle of optical fibres which transfers an image to an eyepiece. To illuminate an inspection area, they use external stand-alone light sources, or portable LED light handle. The downsides of fiberscopes are image pixelation or "honeycomb" and fragility. From the other side, the diameter of micro fiberscope insertion probe can be much thinner (up to 0.35mm) than videoscopes, where the size of a camera chip limits it.
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