Most videoscopes consist of two main parts - a control unit with an integrated display and a probe equipped with a tiny camera and an illumination source. Usually, videoscopes offer a photo and video file capturing function and different file storage and management options. Sometimes the control unit of a videoscope has an integrated hard drive to store the files, but removable storage options, such as memory cards. The latest videoscope models often have Internet connectivity and, in some cases, specialized mobile applications.
The probes may vary in length, diameter, tip articulation ability and other parameters. Probes that are intended for use under adverse and physically demanding conditions, may have protecting sheath or braiding made of hardened plastic, stainless steel or tungsten.
Videoscopes are successfully used in a variety of leading Canadian industries, such as automotive manufacturing and repair, aerospace and aircraft industry, and the oil and gas industry. Videoscopes allow to inspect car bodies for corrosion, check gaskets, valves, and other internal parts with narrow passages.
All these details need to be taken into consideration when choosing the videoscope that is right for you. Please do not hesitate to discuss your particular situation. The more details we have about the job you need to accomplish, the more precise our recommendation will be.
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