Rigid Borescope with Integrated Camera KINGFISHER


Product Highlights:

Rigid Borescope with Integrated Camera KINGFISHER features rod lenses in the insertion probe, and a CMOS video camera unit built into the back of the scope, which provides a live colour image. These units also feature an LED light handle, and a direct connection to the ED-Cam monitor, which features a 7" LCD monitor, rechargeable Li-ion battery, direct image and video capture to a micro SD memory card.
Product Information
The Rigid Borescopes with Integrated Camera will fit perfectly for any direct inspections including gun barrels, engine chambers, turbines, castings etc. These units can be constructed using any of our rigid borescopes including 2.7mm, 4mm, or 6mm diameters, and lengths from 50mm to 600mm (23.6"). All of these scopes feature glass rod lenses, a complimentary LED light handle for illumination, and an optional angle of view of 0, 30, 70, 90, or in some sizes 110 degrees.

The CMOS video camera chip, provides a clear, colourful, image of the inspection area, which will be displayed on the portable ED-Cam monitor. This monitor will allow you to capture images and video from your inspections saved directly to a micro SD memory card. A video output jack transfers the image to a larger TV monitor allowing you to discuss repairs, and troubleshooting directly with customers. A rechargeable LI-polymer battery provides up to 4 hours of continuous video capture on a full charge.
What's included
Rigid Borescope of your choice with Integrated Camera, Portable Monitor, Lemo Cable, Patch Cable, Power Adapter, micro SD Card, LED Light Source, User's manual, Monitor Carrying Case.
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