Videoscope with Ultimate 2-way Tip Articulation


Product Highlights:


  • Ø 3mm (0.12"), 4mm (0.16") and 5.5mm (0.22")
  • 2-way articulation tip, 180° in each direction (120° for 3 meter(9.8ft) and longer)
  • 1m (3.3') - 10m (32.8') lengths flexible interchangeable probes
  • CMOS Video Camera Chip: 400,000/450,000 pixels
  • Build-in LED Illumination
  • Field of View (FOV) : 67°/ 90°
  • Depth of View (DOV) 20-70mm / 10-50mm
  • Optional mirror tips for 5.5mm probes: 70°, 90°, 110°
  • Waterproof Probe: IP 57

  • 3.5" Color LCD Display
  • Grid, mirror options
  • Digital zoom in/out
  • Image(JPEG) /Video (MPEG4) file capture
  • AV output (PAL/NTSC selectable)
  • SD memory card
  • USB port (1.1/20.) to transfer data to PC
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Anti-slip rubber handle
  • Charger, USB cable included
Product Information
Videoscope with Ultimate 2-way Tip Articulation is a multi-purpose, portable, hand held articulated camera built to meet harsh requirements of everyday modern visual inspections. It is durable enough to withstand rigors and bumps of routine operations, yet light and portable, making it easy for the operator to work in most confined spaces.

The system offers 2-way 180 degrees articulation in each direction allowing for thorough examination of the area of interest. The images are captured with the help of intuitive controls located on the base unit with rubber anti-slip handle.

The metal braided probes are water-, oil-, gas-, diesel-proof and available in different lengths: from 1m (3.3') to 10m (32.8').

All live and still images are displayed in color on the integrated 3.5" LCD screen with a resolution of 720x640 pixels. Operators can zoom in and out images, select grid function and use other features to explore the area of interest thoroughly. Inspection findings can be saved to an SD memory card (included), or downloaded directly to a computer or laptop via a USB cable. A video output jack can transfer live images to a larger TV monitor to discuss repairs and troubleshooting with colleagues or customers.

This videoscope provides up to 4 hours of continuous video capture on a full intensity, and requires only 2 hours to recharge.

Optional accessories include mirror tips for different angles of view, and optional probe lengths of up to 10 meters.

The Videoscope with Ultimate 2-way Tip Articulation is also available with a superflexible 3mm (0.12") diameter stainless steel braided insertion probe ideal for inspecting objects with narrow diameter openings and cramped spaces.

Insertion probe
OPTIONAL 3mm (0.12"), 4mm (0.16") and 5.5mm (0.22")
OPTIONAL from 1m (3.3') to 10m (32.8')
2-way , 180 degrees in each direction. 120 degrees ± 10° for 3 meter and up probes in each direction
Image Sensor
3mm and 4mm probes 400,000pix / 5.5mm probes 450,000pix
Field of View (FOV):
90° for 3mm and 4mm probes / 67° for 5.5mm probes
Direction of view:

Focal range:
10-50mm for 3mm and 4mm probes / 20-70mm for 5.5mm probes
Waterproof insertion tube:
Light Source:
4-6 White LEDs
Imaging Hub
3.5"TFT LCD:
Monitor 720*640 Pixels
Mini usb 1.1/ AV out/ Av in/
MPG4(saved as AVI):
Compression Format
Still Image Storage Format
TV system:
Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery
17 Languages

What's included
Portable Video Borescope, Monitor, Selected Insertion probe, Li-ion battery, SD card, USB-miniUSB cable, AC power adapter 5V, User's manual.
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