About us
We are happy to see your at our website! Let us start with a short introduction. We are Borescope.ca, a division of Medit Inc., a Canadian company operating out of Winnipeg. Our company was founded here, in the heart of the country, in 2002. We have been working for many years now, meeting the needs of Canadian customers in non-destructive testing equipment and other inspection devices. We offer industrial video- and optical lens borescopes, a wide array of sewer and drain inspection devices, and accessories for them, such as borescope cameras, external light sources and light guides. Our business has been steadily growing at a pace of 10 to 20% per year for most years we have been in business. All of our product lines are reviewed on a regular basis to make sure that our customers have access to the best solutions for their inspection needs.

The path our company has walked reflects the demands, necessities and interests of the Canadian economy. We have supplied high-precision, top-notch professional grade inspection equipment to oil and gas companies from Alberta and Saskatchewan, automotive giants from Ontario and aircraft maintenance facilities in Québec. But we would like to make it a point that medium and small businesses, as well as self-employed Canadians, are of no less importance to us than large corporations. Countless farmers, auto body shops, and plumbing companies are currently using inspection devices purchased from us.

Another important characteristic of our company is that we stand behind the products we sell. Of course, most of our equipment works well and for extended periods of time. However, if something ever goes wrong, we are here to help. Whether it's a repair under warranty, any other repair type, an upgrade, or an additional accessory that you may need - we are here, in Canada, just one phone call away! We can ship with a courier of your choice, such as Purolator, FedEx, UPS, or with Canada Post.

We strongly believe in the ethical responsibility of our business. Throughout our history we have been sponsoring christian ministries on a monthly basis. These regular donations go toward such goals as natural disaster relief, improvement of hospitals and schools, and the fight with hunger and extreme poverty.

We join in with many Canadian businesses in our support of environmental sustainability. We are serious about our ecological footprint. We handle and recycle Lithium-ion batteries and other hazardous waste in the safest manner possible. Our entire staff regularly receives training in the practice of waste disposal and safe handling of hazardous materials. We also prefer packaging made of recycled materials.